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  1. Pertiwi bali tour is the best tour! Thank you mr. Nyoman was make wonderful day for our vacation in bali

  2. Hospitality, Kindness and Willingness

    Thank you so very much for mr. Nyoman, your was hospitality, kindness and willingness to make our getaway something really special. You’re a top guy and I look forward to seeing you again, sooner rather than later. x :)

  3. Thank you for everything. I am very pleased with your services. You’re very professional and you care about their clients. See You soon 😀

  4. We have just came back from Bali and have used Pertiwi Bali Tours. We are all girls and traveling with Mr.Wayan, he is a happy, friendly, helpful and outgoing person. We can joke and laugh with him everyday while we were on the tour. Thanks to Mr. Wayan as we have had a great holiday. See u again.

  5. Hallo, I’m Danielle from france, Thank you so much to pertiwi bali tours, MR. Wayan was make our vacation is wonderfull!! Merci Mr. Wayan.

  6. Thank you so much to mr. Nyoman our driver guide, you was make our vacation is wonderfull in bali!! I love bali!! See u next vacation!!

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